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There are already tons of other deal sites

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With most other deal sites, you have to pay up front, wait for the deal to activate, and then contact the vendor to make a reservation. Moreover, you personally have to make sure to take advantage of the deal before it expires – otherwise your money is wasted and what seemed like a sweet deal will end up being an annoying expense.

Twoforone Go makes everything much simpler and puts you in charge. From the moment you sign up, you’ll have access to hundreds of deals that won’t expire. You can access all deals directly via your phone, which means that you can use them whenever you fell like it. You don’t even have to pay for any deals up front, you can spot a deal, walk in from the street, use your App voucher, and pay on the spot.


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With all 2-for-1 vouchers right there on your phone, you can be spontaneous or plan ahead for a day and/or night of fun with the people you love.


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When you give a friend or a loved one a membership for Twoforone Go, they’ll be able to take advantage of hundreds of offers all over town – and every time they use one, they’ll think of you! They might even invite you out for dinner, drinks or a spa treatment. Twoforone Go literally is “a gift that keeps on giving”.